Tele-Med Gynecology Services

Birth Control Consultation and Prescription

Discuss Contraception Options and receive a Prescription for Birth Control Pills sent to your local Pharmacy

IUD Insertion or Removal

Discuss the benefits of IUDs and schedule an IUD Insertion if it is right for you. IUD removal is also available.

Vaginitis or STI Screening

Discuss common symptoms of Vaginitis and receive an E-Rx and/or STI Testing at one of our local labs

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Discuss the common symptoms of a UTI and receive an E-Rx  along with Urinalysis at one of our local labs

Heavy or Prolonged Menstrual Periods

Discuss the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of heavy periods. Receive a referral for a sonogram and follow up.

Pelvic Pain/Endometriosis

Discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain/Endometriosis. Referral for ultrasound included.